I just Paid for a services and did not receive it?

If you ordered from PayPal and did not receive your order in 24 hours.
Email me a receipt of the PayPal transaction ID. I will double check. If your order is legit. You will receive the purchase order. If there is no legit record of the PayPal transaction. Your request will be denied.
Account Fund Purchases will be traced through the site logs to verify the order. If legit. You will receive the order.
All transactions have to be verified first.


Standard Member Payouts

Standard (Free) Members payout are once every 15 days after requesting.

Premium Member Payouts

Premium members payouts are $0.50 every 72 hours after each request

Grid and Auto Surf

Why does the Ad Grid Shows my chances But doesn't work?

When the grid has NO sites to show it will just flash back to the grid page.When there ARE ads it works just fine. Purchase a day and you'll see the differance.

Ad Grid Odds

Ad Grid odds as follows:
Standard member- 5% (1 out of 100 clicks winning a prize. 100 clicks reset after a win)
Premium member- 10% (1 out of 100 clicks winning a prize. 100 clicks reset after a win)
Upgraded members have a better chance of winning top prize.

General Info

You accept Bitcion?

Currently activating the Bitcoin payment system. Members will be notified as of when.

Other Bux Sites offer $5000.00 playing the grid

Not even "Clixsense" offers 5 grand on the ad grid.
$2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 offers are realistic pays.
However who am I to say they can't.
Here at Pro Bux the payout for the grid can be $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00.
This amount can increase or decrease without notice due to purchase orders.

I purchased a special and there seems to be no referrals available?

The referrals will be automatically issued to the purchase when they become available.
You will receive your referrals

How long do I have to wait for a response or getting my purchase acknowledged?

I will credit your account or respond within 24 hours.
Purchases have to be validated before hand.

Ad Values

What are the ad values?

- PTC min-$0.00025 Max $0.005
These can increase as more members joins and purchase

Having Trouble?
Contact Us

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